Rejuvenation of the eye area

Because the skin around the eyes is much thinner, it dries out much faster and loses elasticity. In order to prevent the development of premature wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and "bags under the eyes", the skin in this area requires special care. Thanks to modern minimally invasive methods for rejuvenating the eye area, it has become possible to give this area of the face youth and a naturally beautiful appearance without surgical interventionProperly selected skin care products and timely cosmetic procedures can save you from the first wrinkles and stop the skin aging process.

rejuvenation of the eye skin

Among the indications for procedures to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Clearly expressed nasolacrimal furrow;
  2. dark areas under the eyes;
  3. Noticeable loss of moisture in the skin around the eyes;
  4. Small expression lines;
  5. "bags" under the eyes;
  6. "wrinkle rays" around the eyes;
  7. The formation of age spots and changes in skin color;
  8. loss of skin elasticity.

This keeps the skin around the eyes youthful.

There are several most effective methods of rejuvenating the periorbital zone.


"Beauty" injections, which are a specially selected vitamin cocktail based on hyaluronic acid. The skin is saturated with nutrients and moisture from within. The appearance and structure of the skin are noticeably improved, fine lines are smoothed and the complexion becomes more even.

plasma therapy

The patient's own platelet-rich plasma is injected under the patient's skin. Cell regeneration processes are activated, the skin around the eyes is noticeably tightened.

Chemical Peel

Thanks to the peeling's main ingredient, trichloroacetic acid, the upper layers of the skin dissolve and the natural process of skin regeneration begins. Post-acne marks, fine lines and age spots disappear.

Botox and Dysport

Under the action of botulinum toxin, mimic activity stops for a while, which reduces the severity of wrinkles and prevents their formation.

contour plastic

Injections of fillers of different densities based on hyaluronic acid fill in irregularities, moisturize the skin from the inside. Increases the levels of hyaluronic acid and collagen in skin cells.

laser treatment

The procedure solves the problem of uneven skin, eliminates scars, stimulates the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in skin cells.

lifting with threads

During the procedure, biocompatible threads are inserted under the skin. They are securely fixed thanks to notches and notches. Some time after their installation, the process of tightening the slack tissue begins and the skin cells regenerate. Due to the strong collagen structure that is formed, the thread lift can confidently be described as a non-surgical facelift.

Nasolacrimal trough correction

Special atraumatic soft cannulas are used during the procedure. A preparation based on hyaluronic acid is injected into the area of the nasolacrimal sulcus. The lacrimal furrow is smoothed, the skin relief is evened out.

thermal lifting

The natural processes of skin renewal are triggered by controlled damage to the upper layers of the skin. Age-related changes are compensated for, fine lines are smoothed out.


Liposculpture is considered a minimally invasive rejuvenation technique. During the procedure, the patient's own fat tissue is transplanted into the area where soft tissue is missing. Lipofilling is indicated for volume loss of the lower eyelids, eyebrows, nasolabial folds and lips.

Often, patients are first introduced fillers into the teardrop sulcus, cheekbones, in the middle third of the face. This result is enough for one year. If the patient likes the result with the filler, lipofilling can be carried out a year later as a second step. Own fat takes root forever and does not cause swelling.

In some cases, with sufficiently pronounced changes in the nasolacrimal groove, a clear lack of filling of the middle zone of the face, it makes more sense to do lipofilling immediately, since more pronounced gel injection is required to correct pronounced changes in the nasolacrimal groove and the middle zone, which is always oneCaused swelling (pasty) of the periorbital and middle zone surfaces. This may not always lead to an esthetic result and pleases the patient. The use of fillers is contraindicated, particularly in the case of initial swelling in these areas (e. g. swelling in the morning or evening or after heavy alcohol consumption).