Instructions for use NovaSkin

Instructions for use NovaSkin

Facial rejuvenation with the innovative NovaSkin cream - young and healthy skin without injections or additional treatment! The drug acts simultaneously in three directions:

Effective rejuvenation:

  • Remove wrinkles.
  • Full focus.
  • Anti aging barrier.

Facial cleansing:

  • Natural ingredients.
  • Sensitive skin care.
  • Removal of enlarged pores.

Improving the condition of the hands:

  • Cell renewal.
  • Neutralization of toxins.
  • Protection against negative influences.

Course of treatment: 4 weeks

Instructions for use of the anti-aging cream NovaSkin

After 15 minutes

The skin becomes smoother and more radiant. The face is hydrated, the dermis is saturated with essential trace elements for optimal balance.

After 14 days

Activated action, improved work of collagen and elastin. The oval of the face is noticeably tightened, deep wrinkles are reduced by 54%, expression lines are almost completely eliminated.

After 28 days

Aging is completely stopped. The dermis is hydrated and saturated with natural collagen and elastin. The contours of the face have become lighter, the skin is firm and elastic, wrinkles are smoothed.

How to use

There are three simple steps to follow when applying the NovaSkin facial rejuvenation cream:

  • Before use, clean your face with a suitable product.
  • Apply the cream evenly on your face, avoiding the eye area.
  • Enjoy the result!

The skin immediately becomes soft and elastic and retains moisture for 24 hours.


The NovaSkin cream is suitable for use on dry, dehydrated, aging skin. Helps reduce wrinkles. Visibly nourishes and firms the skin. Brightens and reduces dark circles under the eyes.


The NovaSkin cream contains natural ingredients that do not cause any side effects and are well tolerated. Contraindications are hypersensitivity to other components of the drug. The use of a facial rejuvenation cream during pregnancy should only be started after consulting a doctor. NovaSkin has passed all phases of clinical studies under laboratory conditions in Spain.